Our online program is different than most in that it takes concerted effort to pass. The program presents a series of videos and includes questions that require defendants to reflect on their decision to drive under the influence. The series of 11 videos are real stories told by the actual victims and offenders. They are guided to touch on the salient points of taking responsibility and changing behavior.

The purpose of the course is to make defendants truly understand the consequences of their actions and how they affect the community as a whole. There are no shortcuts in the program that YouImpact offers. With impaired driving accounting for 31 percent of all traffic-related deaths1, defendants are made to think about their destructive driving habits in order to pass the class.

The YouImpact online course was put together by Anna Redgate, who has been participating on victim impact panels since 2001. Ms. Redgate began taking part in the victim impact panels after her infant daughter was killed in an impaired driving accident. She strongly believes in traditional victim impact panels, but she noticed that they can sometimes miss the target. Speakers are not always on task, defendants can become distracted in a room full of people and lack of transportation can be a hindrance.

That’s why she developed a best practices guide for victim impact panels. She later used that guide to develop the YouImpact program. For nearly a decade, the program has helped change hundreds of lives in several jurisdictions of Florida. More than 72 percent of  YouImpact graduates say the program is an inspiration for life change.

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1 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention