Online Technical Support

At YouImpact, we understand that taking a web-based video program online can result in technical questions and difficulties. Our program was thoroughly tested over several platforms to ensure that it is easily and reliably accessible from any part of the world as long as there is an Internet connection.

However, while we have made exhaustive tests of our system, there are technical issues which crop up from time to time.

Before calling about problems accessing the online program, first check that you have the correct browser edition and that your Internet connection is fast enough to run the program correctly.

The latest browser list and a speed test application are located below.

If you continue having trouble accessing our online program, please contact (800) 526-0685. Our support team is available to assist you 24/7.

Supported Browsers
Here is a list of our supported browsers. Please ensure that your current browser is upgraded to the most recent version. If you don’t see your browser listed above, please download and install one of the above browsers to optimize your YouImpact viewing experience.
Speed Test
Because YouImpact is a Web video-based program, higher bandwidth is recommended to ensure optimal video performance.
Because YouImpact is based on a series of videos, an audio output device is required.