An Online Program That Makes a Difference

After nearly a decade of success, the YouImpact online program has helped change the behavior of an ever-growing number of people.

Thanks to years of personal and investigational research, the developers of the YouImpact program have put together a formula that delivers success.

Using the power of storytelling, the YouImpact program offers an immersive experience, which can deeply affect a defendant and result in behavioral changes.

Live victim impact panels work, but these cannot always guarantee that a speaker will stay on message or deliver the message consistently.

YouImpact’s program has taken the stories of 11 people, including both victims and offenders, and condensed their personal stories using compelling storytelling. The individuals on the videos are not told what to say but are given guidelines on themes to stress when telling their stories.

The structure of this program is also focused on giving defendants a chance to realize the possible consequences of their actions. YouImpact’s program is usually done alone. The one-on-one format of the program offers defendants a more focused way to connect with the stories.

At live impact panels, it is hard to experience or express emotions because of the group setting and the hit-and-miss nature of the live format.

YouImpact also incorporates tests about the stories as well as essay questions meant to spur cognitive thinking about the dangers of driving while impaired and how it affects people. Statistics show nearly 30 people are killed each day by someone driving under the influence. And in 2014, more than 1.1 million were arrested for this offense.

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