The benefits of a program like YouImpact are well documented. If done right, they can create real behavioral change in those defendants who engage in the program.

Programs that rely heavily on statistics or that are based on fear are not as effective in the long term. Once the initial impact of those programs wears off, there is little to keep the defendant from reoffending.

The YouImpact program is based on the model of a victim impact program but offers so much more. The online course features real stories of not only victims but also offenders and guides defendants through a personal experience which encourages them to take responsibility for their actions. Online programs like YouImpact are nine times more effective than traditional programs, and help reduce recidivism rates by 35 percent.

Defendants are tested on the material, which includes essay questions to further process the dangerous decisions they’ve made. They must pass the test with 100 percent to complete the program.


  • The online course is accessible to anyone with a computer and an internet connection.
  • No expense is incurred by local/state municipalities as the defendant covers the cost of the program.
  • YouImpact is a green program. It removes the need for paper except as required for court files.
  • It is time effective because it is online.
  • The program promotes community involvement.
  • It provides educational tools that create changes in behavior.
  • YouImpact can be used alone or in conjunction with a live victim impact program.
  • It partners perfectly with diversionary programming.
  • A multi-media follow-up program, Change by Choice, will be available as part of the YouImpact Program or as a separate complement to existing traditional victim impact/awareness programs.

For more information about our program or if you would like to learn how to offer the program in your jurisdiction, please CONTACT US today or visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.