Sometimes an arrest that resulted from driving under the influence, like the more than 1.1 million arrests in 2014,1 can be a sign of a deeper problem. Drug addiction and alcoholism are real problems that need to be addressed in a professional setting.

If you have been arrested for driving under the influence and have discovered, though YouImpact’s online program, that you have a deeper problem, please seek the help you need to bring your life back to a productive and positive state.

While nine times more effective than traditional programs, our online program panel can only go so far; sometimes more extensive help is necessary. We have provided links to some of those programs on this page.

Alcoholics Anonymous
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Alcoholics Anonymous was founded in 1935 in Akron, Ohio, and has become one of the largest organizations in the world with meetings held in almost any city in the United States and the world.

The goal of the organization is to help alcoholics get sober and stay sober. The group is a mutual aid fellowship where members help one another live a life free of alcohol. AA is also known for its 12-step program. While not affiliated with a specific religion, the 12-step program does involve spiritual development as well as character development. AA is free to attend.

Narcotics Anonymous
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Narcotics Anonymous was established in 1953 and focuses on substance abuse issues. NA is a mutual-aid fellowship similar to AA. Group members support one another in their sobriety. They also use the 12-step program with similar spirituality and character development.

The organization holds meetings in many U.S. cities and around the world. There is no fee to attend meetings and, as the name implies, you can remain anonymous.

Sierra Tucson Treatment Center
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The philosophy of the Sierra Tucson Treatment Center is that all of us exist as mind, body, spirit and emotions. Treating only the symptoms will never help the underlying problems and delay lasting success.

The facility also focuses on family members as part of the treatment. Patient and family are counseled on communication skills and understanding recovery.

The Sierra Tucson Treatment Center is located near the Santa Catalina Mountains in Arizona. The facility is licensed to treat psychiatric problems as well as addiction, chronic pain and behavioral disorders.

The Meadows
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The Meadows is an intensive treatment center that offers a variety of treatment options from traditional to holistic to Eastern. It specializes in treating drug and alcohol addiction, compulsive behaviors, anxiety disorders and mood disorders. The facility is located in the high Sonoran Desert where clear skies and mountain views add to the healing effect.

The Meadows recognizes the whole person and treats for personal completeness and integrity in order to facilitate long-term recovery from the underlying issues causing the addiction or affliction.

1 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention