Defendants benefit from taking the YouImpact course online in several ways. The program compels defendants to face the consequences of destructive behavior through a personal, visual and interactive multimedia experience.

YouImpact’s online program offers a non-judgmental, but stern approach to the dangers of impaired driving. It is based on a model of a victim impact program, but is so much more. Defendants are encouraged and supported to become positive members of the community, all the while reinforcing the idea that destructive behaviors not only affect them but others in their lives. Programs like YouImpact that are completed online are instrumental in reducing the recidivism rate for participants by 35 percent.

The program, which includes a series of videos of impaired driving victims and offenders, tries to reinforce a sense of responsibility in the defendant. The stories are all real as told by the actual victim or offender. Among the stories is one of a young man, who while driving impaired, crashed his car killing his best friend. Another story features a man who was involved in an accident while impaired which left him unable to speak or care for himself. His mother and another relative were left to care for the man after his decision to drive impaired.

The stories are meant to reinforce the notion that destructive driving habits affect many more people than just the defendant. The YouImpact online program also helps build a sense of community in defendants so they can realize they are also a part of the community and must act responsibly.

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