YouImpact Online Course Testimonials

The testimonials in these videos are from defendants who have completed the YouImpact program. The individuals in the videos are actors.


Thousands of defendants have successfully completed the YouImpact program. Hundreds of those defendants have shared their personal testimonials which praise the program for changing their thinking about their personal responsibility and accountability for their behaviors. Among the testimonials collected, many admitted that they had never thought about the consequences of impaired driving prior to completion of the course.

While there is no victim impact panel or other program that is considered 100 percent effective, YouImpact is constantly improving its program to make it as effective as possible. Of those who have completed our course, more than 72 percent say the YouImpact program is an inspiration for life change.
Below are a few of the testimonials we receive every day. For more information about our program or if you would like to learn how to offer the program in your jurisdiction, please contact us today.

Thomas, Jacksonville

I am glad to participate in this enlightening program. It made me realize that selfish behavior can be changed and for the good of both me and the community surrounding me, which I consider very important.

Adam, Sunny Isles Beach

This program does a great job in showing the many different perspectives on driving under the influence, the effect it has on everyone and the choices we can make to both positively and negatively affect our lives. When you get behind the wheel after drinking, it’s not just your life on the line; it’s everyone who might be out there on the road with you… It’s not worth the risk.

Juan, Summerfield

It’s been a big help. With this program, you realize how wrong we are when we are impaired to drive. You don’t measure the consequences of your acts only till you have injured or killed someone that could be a stranger or a member of your family. It’s definitely a voice of alert and a second chance that life gives you.

Jesse, Miami

By watching the videos in this program, I think I would forever keep in mind drinking and driving is not a good choice. Thanks for the program it forever changed my way of thinking.

Stephanie, North Miami Beach

This program is very informative. I hope it makes everyone want to make better decisions and help other people along the way.

Rosalind, Miami

This program was very impactful and informational. The stories were very emotionally loaded and taught me much more than I ever imagined. The power of drinking for fun is much more than the fun one thinks he or she will have. A car is a weapon when a person drinks. This program shifted my thinking to that level. I refuse to drink one drink and drive. The fact is all response, perception and judgment is grossly impacted. Consequently, lives are taken or injured because of this negative impact from alcohol. More people need to see this program before they get a DUI. Many lives will be saved. More education on drinking and driving should be displayed in various forums. Many people rarely think about the consequences of drinking and driving. It’s all about social fun. Schools should be teaching this valuable lesson; television should deliver more frequent messages on this very important topic.

Jeronimo, Miami

This program has been a big eye opener for myself and I watched firsthand the consequences that can cause a bad decision.

David, Miami

One cannot help but be moved by this emotionally affecting program. It makes you consider not just your actions, but those that affect your loved ones, both positively and negatively, as well as those who you care about and that care about you. Reach inside and outside to affect change that can potentially spare destruction in one’s life

Mandy, Tampa

This program really shined a light on me. I think that not only DUI offenders should be aware of the things that this program projects, but that everyone should be aware. Awareness is where the change must begin.

Francisco, Miami

Loved it! A great and powerful tool for everyone!

Duane, Boynton Beach

I think this was a good program. The two stories that made the most impact on me were the guy riding the motorcycle, and the logger that was about to be a racecar driver. Also, the mother who lost her daughter, that touched me as well. The situation that happened to me was not as bad as any of these stories and I feel lucky for that. This program made me realize, things can change in an instant by your own decision or someone else’s.

Ali, Miami

I cannot put into words the effect this program has. To see all the lives that are affected by drinking and driving is heartbreaking. One tiny, stupid decision can end or harm another person’s life, not to mention the lives of everyone else involved in any way.

Elier, Miami

This program has impacted me tremendously. If I ever end up in a situation where I could be behind a steering wheel under the influence, I will avoid it at all costs because of what I have learned from this program.

Marc, Summerland Key

Before viewing this program, I felt I was only hurting myself by my drinking. I see now that I was extremely lucky I did not hurt myself or someone else. I plan to stay sober and make positive choices in my life. If I decide to drink again I had better think long and hard about the consequences of that choice.

Charles, Neptune Beach

The stories that I’ve heard in the YouImpact sessions sink in and resonate in your memory. This program helps you see that you have to accept full responsibility for your actions. You can’t blame anyone for the situation you’ve put yourself in other than yourself. This program has shed new light on the impact that my decisions have on me, my family and a countless number of others.

Christina, Naples

When I began this program I was certainly wary, but once I began hearing the stories I became more interested in learning more about the lives of the people I and others have impacted. I am 100 percent supportive of this program and I believe these stories should become public.

Brett, Aventura

I think this course was the most effective part of my DUI requirements. Hearing the stories about how drinking and driving have affected people in so many different ways and how they could have all been prevented was something that will stay with me forever.

Gian, Medley

This program truly touched me and helped me see things differently. Thank you, YouImpact

Daniel Leesburg

YouImpact has changed my views on drinking and driving. After hearing all the sad stories, I never want to be that person who inconveniences someone else’s life.

Ricardo, Miami

I have been very angry at myself and at the system after receiving my DUI. I feel very different, grateful and fortunate after taking this class! You Impact helped me realize that my DUI without injury to myself or others was the least possible consequence I could suffer, and had I not been stopped, I could easily be in jail, dead or dealing with the fact that I irresponsibly took the life or lives of innocent people and the ripple effects from those outcomes would have been much deeper, stronger and lifelong. DUI and this program have brought good, positive change in my life and the ripple effects from this I can surely live with and “Pay Them Forward!”

Brooke, Boca Raton

This program shifts your perspective. Going through this process is long, expensive and incredibly time-consuming, and this program helps you realize that if you can still go through this process like I am, you are incredibly lucky. There are a lot of people who have been injured or lost their lives due to their choices or the choices of others. Though this is a tough time for us, it could be a lot worse.

Brielle, Miami

Definitely gave me a new perspective and opened my eyes.

Andres, Ocala

This program has truly made me understand the consequences of drinking and driving and, as a result, I have made a promise to never make this mistake again.

Kyle, Miami

I never used to think about the impact I could have on someone or myself. This program has helped me see the light. I will never drink and drive again. Thanks, YouImpact.

Kyla, Lakeland

This program has helped me realize the impact of my actions and the effect it has on the world around me. I may have been lucky with my situation but that does not happen to everyone. I don’t want to forget this so I want to continue sharing what I have learned and start to spread the word within my own community.

Benjamin, Key West

A phenomenal effect on me. Thank you.