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Welcome & be inspired

Welcome to YouImpact. Our goal is to raise awareness and inspire personal change by bringing to life the stories of real people impacted by destructive driving decisions.

The stories we share have created the foundation for our programs and resources. They represent the reality behind the statistics.

These stories show that the choices we make ALWAYS affect others. The results of our decisions may vary, but one thing always holds true: we exist in community. We are, as Dr. Martin Luther King said,

"caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny."

What one person does affects everyone else, and vice versa. Read more.

Our program

Impact Program
This is a straight forward program drawn from real life stories of how driving under the influence has impacted our lives and our communities. This program helps bring the human cost of car crashes into focus and underscores the preventable nature of impaired driving incidents.
Read more.

Why this is needed

YouImpact is a community-minded program based on the power of human story. It seeks to build a network of guidance and support for individuals who need help in making better decisions and those who need help recovering from the impact of the destructive decision-making of others. It is based on the premise that each and every one of us affects the communities of which we are a part. Programs that help foster positive change are crucial to community well-being. Read more.

Inspiring people


Lavonne Bower
Ryan and Monica
Michael Kruger
Lois Polynil
Melvin Alexander
Marvin Saurbier
Kathy Walkup
Billy Wilson
Father Bernie
Anna Regate